It has been a while

Well, it's me again I'm blogging again struggling with my feelings, I still feel fat, didn't lose any weight yet, I am going to the gym 3 days a week, but i eat to much my body will never be pretty, i will never be pretty ughghghg


I am tired, I had a long day , I don't really have much to tell, so ehm goodbyeee.


  This is me by the way. Feeling uglo tho.



Today wasn't a bad day, my mom bought me two awesome pyjamas :) And I was with my boyfriend this afternoon we cuddled a lot. He has my heart, I can't imagine myself with somebody else. He is at the moment the only person who can cheer me up even when I don't want to smile , everytime when I think would it ne wrong would it be right if I took my life tonight. But then I realize if I did killed myself I wouldn't have him.. He is the only thing that keeps me alive

Love this

I found a picture of a girl, and this is exactly the body what I am dreaming of! It is skinny but healthy tho!


K bye.


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Right now.

Today was a good day yesterday also, I met this girl don't want to mention her name, but she is losing weight too! And we help each other a lot, she is way thinner than me , but I am on my way, I want to lose 8 kg, it's gonna be a hard time for both of us, but with her on my side I can do this, and my boyfriend is motivating me too, he helps me always, and when he says I'm proud of you , I start to blush immediately, hihi . I am gonna post a lot I think to the ones who read my blog I love y'all and for the ones who gave comments thanks for supporting me. It means a lot to me, oh and I love those bodies..

K bye xx

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 Just do it.!

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More about myself.

Well I aint gonna tell y'all my name, there is no need for it. Anyhow, I'm 15 years old, and very upset cause I don't feel comfortable about my body, I'm not skinny and I hate it I feel disgusting, It's not like I have obesity or something, I hate my hips & my belly. This is me... I'm ugly I know



Today i'm at my boyfriends house, he is picking me up about a few hours, I think nobody reads my blog, and no one cares. Today I feel fat again, not giving up to lose weight I wanna see bones..



My boyfriend just went home . He liked my presents very much :).  He asked me if I would ever never leave him. I promised him I never leave his side , and I love him so much. I'm so glad he want me forever tho. Gonna do the dishes after this log and go to bed.

Gotta go

My boyfriend is gonna be here in about 5 minutes .. So I have to leave . He can't know about my blog because then he thinks I am really sick in my head.

Bye people K. Thinspiration | via Tumblr


Today I was in the library to borrow books, lately i've been reading a lot, and it was time for some new books, I borrowed, twilight new moon,  4 friends and the traveling pants, and remember me. I love twilight by the way it is so addicting :0... Oh and I bought a present for my boyfriend, it is a photo were together on it, and some chocolate, I wonder how long it takes, to be this skinny. we love butts | via Tumblr

Mood 2

I'm feeling terrible, cause I ate pizza :(. I want to be skinny , like all my friends I am so huge...  


I'm feeling disgusting I weigh so much, it's horrible . I don't like my body ugh ... And I miss my boyfriend a lot. Right now I'm at my granny's house and I ate a lot of chips . I need to get disipline I just need to lose weight not much but I hate my belly and hips, I really have lovehandles sigh ... K bye

Sunday 29 September

Yesterday I had an party from a friend, she did give a birthday party . It was really fun, and after the party I haf a sleep over with  a friend of mine. We are watching a movie right now. And about a few hours I'm in the car going to my granny and my aunt. Were gonna celebrate her birthday, oh and I was shopping with my boyfriend yesterday also, I bought a lot of clothes it was real fun. Well today I feel a kind of beautiful I guess that's good, haven't felt okay for a long time. People tell me all the time that I'm really beautiful, but I really don't believe it their all lying to me, to make me feel better I guess . I hate myself i'm fat and disgusting K bye.